With this site, we try to launch a sensitization campaign on the excessive importance attached to "good looks" in our contacts with other people.
Therefore, a number of initiatives will be taken

  • By testing the general public's opinion concerning the image of (un)attractive people in the media and ex-Minister Vogels' campaign to influence this image-building.
  • By testing the own attitudes and self-image concerning (un)attractiveness and by testing this against feelings of happiness and the perception of success in relation to psychosocial counselling
  • By checking the link between (un)attractiveness & self-image & prejudices & behavioural problems among young persons in special youth counselling and by consequently formulating conclusions for the policymakers and therapists.
  • By sensitizing the population and the media about the too high importance attached to appearance and "good looks", by means of information and the media
  • By pointing out catches concerning prejudices about divergent or stigmatizing looks to social workers in the Flemish Special Youth Assistance Division
  • Bringing this issue to the attention of society through this site