Research realisation

  • Research of literature on the importance of attractiveness, self-image and media-influence relating to the field of counselling and reach-out
  • Field research by means of a poll among the general public: the aim was to question (in writing) at least 3000 Flemings of all ages, professions and genders throughout the five Flemish provinces. Therefore, we conducted this poll in malls and on trains from Limburg to and from the Belgian coast. Collaborating students were : Nancy Broers, Lisbeth Cartenstadt, Sarah Ombelets, Leen Smets, Bjorn Wertelaers en Geraldine Wijnen They graduated at the Catholic Limburg University College
  • Field research in 15 facilities for special youth assistance. Conducting a poll among guests and attendant staff on the influence of attractiveness on the self-image, behaviour and problems involved. This poll was personally delivered and collected, but was not be taken individually.
  • In the period from April to May, the project manager, in close collaboration with a team of students, processed (ACCESS and EXCEL) and interpreted these data. Final reporting was done by the end of June 2003
  • Reporting of the results and recommendations to the competent authorities by the end of June 2003.