• In February-June 2001, a group of students led by Gerard Gielen, together with Bart Demyttenaere, conducted a large-scale research on the opinion of Flemish inhabitants on (ex-)convicts. The results of this study have been recorded in the author's book 'Levenslang' ('Lifelong'). Every Flemish newspaper and magazine has referred to this book and its research. In HUMO, criminologist Brice de Ruyver and minister Vogels have commented on the results of this study. Both book and study have also been mentioned in various regional and national television programmes. A summary of this research can be found on, section 'dienstverlening/onderzoek', 'voorbije initiatieven'
  • Ever since September 2000, the Social Studies department of the KHLim University has been participating in a project for the promotion of foreign students in welfare services. This project is supported by the Ministry of Equal Opportunities and by the Social Fund for Educational and Housing Institutions (AASSAW project) Further info: and
  • From February-June 2001, a number of third-year students counselled a group of low-skilled women of foreign descent. They introduced them into the social aid of welfare services. (ACOPH project) This project was supported by the Koning Boudewijnstichting (King Baudoin Foundation). During January-June 2002, the Cera Foundation and the Minister of Equal Opportunities also contributed to this project. This project was set up in association with Basiseducatie West-Limburg , het Lokaal Integratiecentrum van Heusden-Zolder and AGORA.