Content of the book 'Onaantrekkelijk/Unattractive' and results of the several inquiries.

From october 2003 , there is a book with all the results , a lot of backgroundinformation and a CD-ROM with several exercices on working on a positive body image. The book and CD-ROM is in the Dutch language. You can order the book from this link. Please contact the publisher for prices for international sendings.
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All the results of the three inquiries were professionally translated from Dutch to English by university lecturer Patrick Beeken and his students of the third year of the Department of Commercial Sciences and Business Management , from Limburg Catholic University of Professional Education (KHLim) (Business Translations and Interpreting). Following students have worked on this translation : Tom Bogaerts, Felice Cannova, Tom Cuppens, Catherine Kwasnievski, Liesbet Lowet, Wim Neel ,Loredana Porco, Steven Smits, Annick Usé

The english version of the investigation form of the survey' Onaantrekkelijk' ('unattractive')

Short summary of the book and information about the author

Introduction to the book

Introduction to the investigation report : Image formation research into the importance of attractiveness in the media and youth assistance.

Research on image formation and on the importance of attractiveness among the general public in Flanders and the Netherlands.

Image-formation study about the importance of attractiveness in youth assistance

Final remarks of the investigation

Short bibliography (Dutch and english books)

Contents of the CD ROM Onaantrekkelijk / Unattractive



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